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Strange useless gadgets that will never be mass-marketed.

Before your next date, make sure you carry this item…..

A must have before the plucker!

A must have before the plucker!

Your perfect date begins with a romantic candlelight dinner and ends with a night stroll down the beach listening to the crashing waves. After moments of silence, you both look into each others eyes with heads tilted….suddenly, your date reaches for his Breath Checker. A look of concern crosses your face, as you wonder if you’ll pass the breathalyzer test. You gently exhale into the white stick and wait a few minutes. A number four appears on the screen, and you let out a sigh of relief knowing that the onion soup didn’t ruin your evening. Crossing your fingers, you hope that your date passes the breathalyzer too, so that your perfect evening can be completed with the much awaited kiss.

Ah….how romantic! You too can have the perfect kiss with this new Breath Checker….for only $63US.



Merry Christmas honey….here’s your USB fan-tie

Of all the strange gifts I’ve read and heard about, this certainly “takes the cake”. For $2900 Yen (approx. $29Cdn.), you can buy a fan-tie for that man in your life. Quite convenient, since it is USB powered; so your loved one can easily plug the fan to any computer port he can find nearby. Ladies, give this gift to your hubby/boyfriend this year, and I’m sure your get a nice screwdriver for your Christmas present next year.

Thanks to Japansugoi for the info.