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Interesting places and finds in Japan.

Before your next date, make sure you carry this item…..

A must have before the plucker!

A must have before the plucker!

Your perfect date begins with a romantic candlelight dinner and ends with a night stroll down the beach listening to the crashing waves. After moments of silence, you both look into each others eyes with heads tilted….suddenly, your date reaches for his Breath Checker. A look of concern crosses your face, as you wonder if you’ll pass the breathalyzer test. You gently exhale into the white stick and wait a few minutes. A number four appears on the screen, and you let out a sigh of relief knowing that the onion soup didn’t ruin your evening. Crossing your fingers, you hope that your date passes the breathalyzer too, so that your perfect evening can be completed with the much awaited kiss.

Ah….how romantic! You too can have the perfect kiss with this new Breath Checker….for only $63US.



Wow dear, you smell…….yummy

I’m sure many readers are familiar with lemon, grapefruit, strawberry, soy or even chocolate in skincare and bath products; so reading about food in body products is nothing new. Leave it to the Japanese to ‘up-it-a-notch’ and add C-U-R-R-Y–yes curry–into bath powder. There are four varieties available including: sweet, hot, very hot and white curry. All guaranteed to make you look (turns the bath into the corresponding colour too) and smell delicious.

Smell and taste sexy...

Smell and taste sexy...

Source: CScout Japan

The mobile phone–one gadget does it all

It’s amazing to think that the mobile phone has only been around twenty years or so, and has already revolutionized our lives. In most countries, the mobile phone is only used for chatting, texting or surfing the net. However in Japan, the phone has become the all-in-one carry device that can be used as a GPS or a debit card. In time, this technology will reach North American shores; but not anytime soon.

**For additional info on the multi-uses of the mobile phone, please refer to the video posted below**

Source: Nippon-Sekai

Picture: CScout Japan

Merry Christmas honey….here’s your USB fan-tie

Of all the strange gifts I’ve read and heard about, this certainly “takes the cake”. For $2900 Yen (approx. $29Cdn.), you can buy a fan-tie for that man in your life. Quite convenient, since it is USB powered; so your loved one can easily plug the fan to any computer port he can find nearby. Ladies, give this gift to your hubby/boyfriend this year, and I’m sure your get a nice screwdriver for your Christmas present next year.

Thanks to Japansugoi for the info.

Old news….is good news

Fresh cut liver and kidney, anyone?

Fresh cut liver and kidney, anyone?

This restaurant first made headlines in 2006; so it’s a fairly old news item.  Old, but still interesting nevertheless……

For those who  have watched the Sex and the City (SATC) movie, you’ll likely recall the interesting scene when Samantha [Kim Cattrall] tries to spice up her love life by becoming the “human” sushi plate (a.k.a. Nyotaimori in Japanese). The idea of the “human” sushi plate is not new, and has made its rounds in restaurants/lounges throughout the U.S. and Europe.  The gimmick involves a male/female lying on a table–in the flesh–with pieces of sushi/food strategically placed. An enjoyable pleasure for some, disgusting for others.

A spin on this idea took eating to a whole new level. In Japan, you can now eat on a “fake human” sushi plate;made out of edible ingredients, of course. The “fake human” or “body”–depending on whichever sounds less sick–is placed on a table and in an environment that resembles an operating room. You and your friends may than proceed to act out your inner surgeon fantasies, by making incisions to the “body”. With each cut, blood will ooze out, like the real thing.  The best part of it all?? You can eat the innards, because the intestines and organs are fully edible, as is the body. For those of you who have Hannibal Lecter fantasies, you may want to fly to Japan to give it a try.

Let’s hope that this was a one-restaurant gimmick that has died away. Otherwise, I’m happy to have my sushi on a ceramic plate, thank you.

Thanks to Weird Asia News for the info.

Sex Doll ends up being murder victim



The above header is no typo, and certainly not a mistake. A couple taking a morning stroll in the mountainous area of Izu, central Japan, discover a tightly wrapped figure in the woods. Hair was protruding from one end, so it appeared to be the remains of a female body. Police were dispatched to the scene, and the body was taken for examination.

Dozens of officers were assigned to interview potential witnesses, and the chilling find (with picture)  became the front cover story for the local newspaper. The following afternoon, the body was sent for autopsy, only to discover that the “corpse” was plastic.

A police spokesman apologized for the error, indicating that followed proper procedures. It was at this point the police divulged that the so called “corpse” had showed signs of repeated use. After investigation, authorities charged a 60-year old unemployed resident of Izu for violating Japan’s Waste Management Law. Apparently, the charged had kept the doll for many years after the death of his wife. He reluctantly disposed the doll because he was scheduled to move-in with one of his children. Refusing to dismember the doll and leave it at curbside, he chose to dispose it in the nearby woods instead.   

Thanks to Pink Tentacle and Tokyo Mango for the news.

Japan’s other great export

Most non-Japanese would name cars and electronic gadgets as being the most well-known exports from Japan. In the last few years, another export has gain popularity, particularly in North America. Known as Cosplay–shortened for ‘costume play’–participants dress themselves in elaborate costumes of their favourite characters. These characters may be from novels, comic books, Manga and fantasy movies. The participants are called ‘cosplayers‘ and parade around in costume, trying to emulate in trait and in form their favourite character.

Thanks to for the great pic.