I want to look like Michael Jackson!

I came across Chiyo’s blog while doing my assignment research and found it hilarious. Even though this topic does not fall under the categories of strange gadgets or weird stories, it a common issue for Asian females. Enjoy the read and have a good laugh!

#45 Pale Skin

Korean Moms are advocates of ‘the paler, the better’. They buy obscene amounts of skin perfecting, purifying, whitening creams and tonics in order to become as pale as possible. Pale equals happiness. It doesn’t matter if an endangered whale had to be harpooned, its sperm collected, then shoved into a tiny Shesiedo bottle; if it makes them pale, Korean Moms will buy it. Not only will they buy it, they will take a bath in it. Having a healthy tan glow is not an option for the Korean Mom. That is death; pure and simple. In order not to suffer from tan skin, they will often wear driving gloves, and shield their faces with visors that resemble Robocop’s headgear, only not as cool or functional. If you are tan or even *gasp* sunburnt, be prepared for her not so secret looks of despair and shame when she introduces you to other Korean Moms. Yes. You, my tanned friend, are a disgrace. My Korean Mom used to buy foundation five shades lighter than her actual skin tone. When she was giving you the stank eye she looked a lot like a Sith Lord but scarier and with red lipstick.
Source: Stuff that Korean Moms Like

2 responses to “I want to look like Michael Jackson!

  1. I love your blog…….it’s so creative (the name is wow!) and so funny. In India too, people are obssessed with pale skin. Can you believe that they actually have a whitening cream called ‘Fair & Lovely’? This cream is immensely popular there, for obvious reasons, although I’m not sure it produces desired results. If it does, I’m sure it’s carcinogenic. In marriage columns, all boys want girls with ‘wheatish’ complexions! What is funny to me is that in that part of the world, it is natural to be either fair or dark, so why can’t people accept the latter? Why this obssession with pale skin?!!!


  2. Thanks for the feedback Manuela.

    This obsession with pale skin seems to stretch across Asia in general. In asian magazines and ads, every other page is geared towards whitening or lightening creams/potions. There is a deeply ingrained belief that one’s skin tone is a reflection of one’s social/economical status and beauty. Specifically in S.E. Asia, individuals with darker skin tones are deemed as “country bumpkins” and are regarded as of a lower class. I have heard countless comments–from both males and females–that women with lighter skin are considered more beautiful, and are highly prized. Strangely enough, the individuals who make these comments are not born or raised in Asia, but in North America! I too, am guilty of subscribing to such backward asian ideals. Everytime I return to Asia, I always stock up on my whitening products.

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