Old news….is good news

Fresh cut liver and kidney, anyone?

Fresh cut liver and kidney, anyone?

This restaurant first made headlines in 2006; so it’s a fairly old news item.  Old, but still interesting nevertheless……

For those who  have watched the Sex and the City (SATC) movie, you’ll likely recall the interesting scene when Samantha [Kim Cattrall] tries to spice up her love life by becoming the “human” sushi plate (a.k.a. Nyotaimori in Japanese). The idea of the “human” sushi plate is not new, and has made its rounds in restaurants/lounges throughout the U.S. and Europe.  The gimmick involves a male/female lying on a table–in the flesh–with pieces of sushi/food strategically placed. An enjoyable pleasure for some, disgusting for others.

A spin on this idea took eating to a whole new level. In Japan, you can now eat on a “fake human” sushi plate;made out of edible ingredients, of course. The “fake human” or “body”–depending on whichever sounds less sick–is placed on a table and in an environment that resembles an operating room. You and your friends may than proceed to act out your inner surgeon fantasies, by making incisions to the “body”. With each cut, blood will ooze out, like the real thing.  The best part of it all?? You can eat the innards, because the intestines and organs are fully edible, as is the body. For those of you who have Hannibal Lecter fantasies, you may want to fly to Japan to give it a try.

Let’s hope that this was a one-restaurant gimmick that has died away. Otherwise, I’m happy to have my sushi on a ceramic plate, thank you.

Thanks to Weird Asia News for the info.



One response to “Old news….is good news

  1. I think that is disgusting!!! I can understand eating sushi off of someone on a table, but a dead body (even if its fake and edible)!! I think if people want to live like Hannibal, they should seriously check themselves into the nearest hospital!!!!!

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