Sex Doll ends up being murder victim



The above header is no typo, and certainly not a mistake. A couple taking a morning stroll in the mountainous area of Izu, central Japan, discover a tightly wrapped figure in the woods. Hair was protruding from one end, so it appeared to be the remains of a female body. Police were dispatched to the scene, and the body was taken for examination.

Dozens of officers were assigned to interview potential witnesses, and the chilling find (with picture)  became the front cover story for the local newspaper. The following afternoon, the body was sent for autopsy, only to discover that the “corpse” was plastic.

A police spokesman apologized for the error, indicating that followed proper procedures. It was at this point the police divulged that the so called “corpse” had showed signs of repeated use. After investigation, authorities charged a 60-year old unemployed resident of Izu for violating Japan’s Waste Management Law. Apparently, the charged had kept the doll for many years after the death of his wife. He reluctantly disposed the doll because he was scheduled to move-in with one of his children. Refusing to dismember the doll and leave it at curbside, he chose to dispose it in the nearby woods instead.   

Thanks to Pink Tentacle and Tokyo Mango for the news.


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