Who and what is Kendogeisha?

The inception of this website began as an assignment for my Information Technology course. We were given full authority to choose whatever subject we so wished and Kendogeisha chose to cover the strange, funny and wacky news that never make it to the cover of newspapers. Most of the coverage will focus on the Land of the Rising Sun (a.k.a. Japan), since most outrageous things and situations seem to originate there. I will include interesting tidbits from other countries, if newsworthy or funny.

Why Kendogeisha for a title?

Quite simply, because it does not make sense. By juxtaposing two things that represent opposing elements (Kendo=Martial Arts=Strength=Male vs. Geisha=Arts=Delicate=Female), I wanted to highlight the ‘strange’ in japanese culture, and in life in general. Sometimes, things that don’t make sense, may actually do.


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